Happy Friday (and Happy Halloween)!

And Happy Birthday Daniel!  His birthday was yesterday but since he turned 31 and his favorite holiday is Halloween, I felt saving this for today was appropriate. I’ve known him for nearly 11 years and I love him more everyday.  When we first started dating I thought my heart would explode from so much emotion and I told myself to enjoy the feeling because it wouldn’t last. I was wrong.  I love him more now than ever and considering he drives me crazy many days it’s quite an impressive feat.  It’s easy though because he’s funny and smart.  He’s a sweetheart and looks out for me.  Most importantly, he’s devastatingly handsome.  Here’s to a fantastic 31!

The birthday festivities for Danny are fading and mine are picking up.  Tonight Mom and B are joining us to see off our little Monkey on her Halloween outing, before the four of us head downtown for a night at the casino.  Mom’s treating us to dinner and then her and Danny will get their fill on the slot machines.  Thankfully, I’ll have B to help me keep tabs on them.  Tomorrow Aunt Margaret is taking us out for dinner.  Then we’re going back to Mom’s for dessert and a game of BSG with Brett and Lindsey.  Sunday is the return of Once Upon A Time night for me and Gina.  The show is awful and I haven’t watched all season but I’ll endure it for Gina’s good company 😉

P.S. Everyone at Danny’s birthday celebration made the paper except us!

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