Gratiot Avenue

I was out on the town this weekend and with 75 closed for construction, I was taking side streets.  I love driving through the city and since we don’t have typical big city traffic it’s a smooth ride.*  Since I was the driver and needed to pay more attention to the road than my surroundings, … More Gratiot Avenue

Corridor Sausage Co.

The item you’re most likely to find in our freezer is sausage from the Corridor Sausage Co.  We’ve been buying them for years and they are literally one of my favorite food items (I recommend Apple, Sage & Pork).  Since I’m such a fan, I was happy Corridor Sausage Co.’s owner, Will Branch, agreed to … More Corridor Sausage Co.

Flower Day

Eastern Market is fantastic.  Every weekend it’s teeming with people but nothing prepared me for the crowds on Flower Day.  I knew it was a BIG deal but it’s definitely something you need to see to believe.  Normally, I park at a lot across the street from the Market.  Sunday we parked a few blocks … More Flower Day

Life in Detroit: Chloe

When I read authentic French lava cakes had made their way to Detroit a couple months ago I immediately forwarded the link to Danny as a Valentine’s Day plea.  Danny didn’t disappoint and neither did the dessert.  It’s now our favorite treat.  As a Europhile I couldn’t help but wonder what would bring someone from … More Life in Detroit: Chloe

Office Shower

Last Friday I hosted Chris and Emily’s work wedding shower.  I was a nervous wreck but I think it turned out well.  Gina and Amy set the bar so high for my party I didn’t want to disappoint.  Since they are getting married at Eastern Market and love Detroit I did a Detroit themed shower. … More Office Shower

Weekend Update

I had a super fun, super busy weekend.   Friday, I rushed to the gym to get my workout on.  I’m really glad I’m in a gym going mood AND a running mood these days.  If I can get my diet under control I bet I would have some pretty sweet results.  After my workout … More Weekend Update