Flower Day

Eastern Market is fantastic.  Every weekend it’s teeming with people but nothing prepared me for the crowds on Flower Day.  I knew it was a BIG deal but it’s definitely something you need to see to believe.  Normally, I park at a lot across the street from the Market.  Sunday we parked a few blocks away!  We weren’t the only ones.  Hundreds of cars filled the empty lots and families with wagons paraded down to Russell Street.  We also spotted dozens of charter buses filled with plants and flowers their passengers purchased.

As you can imagine Flower Day isn’t a typical market day.  The usual meat and produce vendors are absent and every shed is filled with flowers.  However, it’s not a food absent day by any means.  Food trucks and carnival trucks line the streets and people wait in long lines for tacos, brick oven pizzas and other goodies.  The tables at Bert’s overflow into the streets with people enjoying old-school barbecue.  I literally mean the streets. I was shocked to see the market square cut off from traffic.  It was a wonderful arrangement and I hope they consider doing it on Saturdays because it was a lot easier to walk around.

It’s not easy to find something that never disappoints but Eastern Market is definitely that place. Virtually nothing can entice Danny out of bed before noon on a weekend but I didn’t have to press him to join me Sunday.  I mentioned that I was going and he said he’d go too.  I can think of no greater endorsement than that.

Last but not least, my favorite discovery at the Market this weekend was the live glassblowing presentation.  I LOVE watching craftsmen/women work with glass (it’s one of my favorite things to do at Greenfield Village). The skill it requires and the quality products produced reminds me of a lost era that the historian in me can’t resist. While we were there they made a beautiful mug and had other items on display.  I had no idea that there is a Glass Academy in Detroit and I can’t wait to check it out.

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