Happy Friday

This week in England, Prince William hosted a charity dinner for the Royal Marsden Cancer Charity.  Unfortunately, Kate didn’t attend but Emma Watson made up for it on the fashion front. I couldn’t pull off this look but I love the white and grey – very chic and sophisticated.

I spent most of this week sick but I’m feeling better.  I’m glad because I have another busy weekend ahead of me.  Tonight I’ll be at the Sound Board for a party that is being thrown for the MEP girls.  A women’s group is hosting and I’m exciting to see what they have planned.  It’s been raining a lot in Michigan but I’m hoping it’s a clear morning for Aidan’s baseball game tomorrow.  I’m hoping to catch up with Cara at some point.  I’d also like to catch up on The Americans with Lindsey – we are failing at this tv marathon!  Sunday is Flower Day at Eastern Market and I have every intention to check it out.  I will otherwise be spending the day with my Mom, keeping her safe from random strangers who may come knocking on her door.

P.S. If you like Emma’s look you might want to check out this dress or these affordable copies (blouse & skirt)

(Source: PopSugar)

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