Office Shower

Last Friday I hosted Chris and Emily’s work wedding shower.  I was a nervous wreck but I think it turned out well.  Gina and Amy set the bar so high for my party I didn’t want to disappoint.  Since they are getting married at Eastern Market and love Detroit I did a Detroit themed shower.  I picked up flowers and bread from Eastern Market the week before.  Postcards for decorations at the Detroit Mercantile Co. (their venue site).  Glass Faygo and Vernors bottles from The Detroit Shoppe.  Stroh’s ice cream with Sanders fudge swirl.  I made some vanilla cupcakes and did my best at the old English D.  Pizza from Supino and a cake from Milano.  Since Chris and Emily frequently hit up Woodbridge for trivia I decided to have a little Eastern Market/Detroit trivia game with candy prizes from Rocky’s.  All in all a fun party and I think people enjoyed themselves.

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