Our Bedroom


I have to admit I spend almost no time in here these days. Lucas is a fickle sleeper and for the longest time wanted to be held all night long. Now, I don’t necessarily have to hold him but I do have to be next to him for him to sleep. Since our bed is so high-up, I have better peace of mind sleeping with him on the basement floor than upstairs. It’s ridiculous I know but since I know I’ll be looking longingly on these days in a decades time (and heck even a few months from now), I will accept judgement from others and contentedly cuddle next to my baby all night long.

Back to the room… It’s very similar to our old place; however, Danny insisted we paint the walls a different color. I’m so glad he did because I’m in love with this new color. It’s calming and – with the very high bed – makes me feel like we’re in a hotel. The bed is so high because we needed extra storage and this offers six drawers. We have his and hers closets but they aren’t nearly as big as our townhouse. Fortunately, minimalist tendencies and the bed prevent us from missing our old closets.

Similarly to everyone else watching HGTV and scrolling Instagram there are things I still want to do with this room. Above our closet is a lot of storage but we’re too short to reach it and I would LOVE to install a rolling ladder so the space is more accessible.

Also – I feel like I’m officially becoming an older person – I would like a plant or some greenery to give life to the room literally. A mirror perhaps so I can see what I look like before I leave the house (maybe not a good idea?). Window treatments of some kind. And upgraded bedding. But none of these are priorities, only general thoughts because right now this is the room I’m happiest with in our house.

Sweet Sheila requested links:
Bed here/ Headboard DYI project here/Paint color BEHR Heavy Cream

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