Good Nights

The home decor process has been just that – a process. Thankfully we’re close to having everything exactly how ‘we’ want it. I’m really happy with the downstairs and fawn over random items on any given day but my absolute favorite room is our bedroom.


Our bedroom has been the longest work-in-progress. I fell in love with this Sarah Richardson design in 2012 and still love it! I’ve been collecting pieces little by little and it’s finally done! A mix of DIY, low cost purchases and a hint of originality and I literally go to sleep everyday thinking how happy I am with our room. I use the term ‘our’ fairly loosely since basically everything in it is what I want and Danny’s belongings have been relegated to the closet. I’m so glad he doesn’t have any interest in decor.


In case we ever forget, our pictures are by our respective bedsides. I cannot overstate how thrilled I am that Kristin just happened to take pictures of us facing the right directions. The lamp was a cost savings and not a design choice but it does that job and at $5 from IKEA, it’s hard to beat. I have had the vase for years, have no idea where it’s from but it’s one of my favorite things. My actual favorite thing is my Mary McDonnell autograph. The picture frame is from our wedding. In lieu of numbers, each table was assigned a fictional couple, with icon and quote. Our head table was the tragic albeit loved Scarlett & Rhett, a truly classic selection, but Roslin & Adama are true love. I walked down the aisle to their song* and it will always be special to me. I had B drive down to Atlanta for this autograph and the memories with her and meeting the ever gracious Mary will be cherished forever.


My talented co-worker designed the sign for me based on something I saw at Home Goods. It’s another ode to our wedding day, Michael Buble’s song was the song we entered the reception to (it was also a Sex and the City tribute). I’m so lucky that Danny is completely indulgent/indifferent to my favorite things because no matter how old I am it seems I will always want my bedroom to be a bit of a shrine. Opposed to having every square inch of the room covered in pictures and books like I did in my youth, I have confined myself to a few floating shelves.

My favorite novels, which really deserve their own post, are being held up by sheer will because I simply stood the wood letters next to each other and they are not connected in any way. Battlestar Galactica ofcourse! Only a little Russia since the shelves have weight limitations but it’s an authentic gift from Aunt Margaret. My favorite Kate. And small tokens from my other favorite shows.


The Roosevelts had to be well represented, including my favorite dog Fala. The picture was taken and signed by Carl Levin himself – his annual gift to staff. It was our last holiday photo and my favorite picture from the Capitol.


Aside from the autograph, my favorite piece in the room is the pendant. I could not imagine anything more perfect and I can’t believe I was able to find it for $40! A chandelier would have been too stuffy (and Danny adamantly refused) and this is the perfect blend of utilitarian glamour.

There is is, my oasis and the place in the world that best represents who I am – a fangirl.

*Beautiful music and my wonderful coup, since our priest wouldn’t let me walk down to ‘Here Comes the Bride’.

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