Happy Friday!

Packard Plant

Tucked away next to the Packard Plant is a warehouse full of goodies. I was treated to a behind the scenes tour of the Display Group space and was too awestruck by the row upon rows of couches, chairs, mammoth award statues, a ginormous Eiffel Tower, Western displays, celebrity cutouts and more, to take pictures. It was a fun trip and nice to visit with my contracted colleague, Kristin. I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing Display Group’s work and that of event planners JR Turnbull first hand at work and highly recommend them if you are planning a big event.

Today was a fun early morning with my Wordbird and I’m determined to have a productive afternoon/evening. Tomorrow I’m heading to Kensington bright and early for a 9 mile walk with Cara – I’m going prepared with water and snacks. Danny and I are going downtown for an afternoon movie at Cinema Detroit and lunch somewhere – there are SO many new restaurants in Detroit I’ve officially lost track. The evening will undoubtedly be spent with the Hakalas. Perhaps Lindsey and I will even watch an episode of The Americans – it’s been FOREVER! Sunday, I’m window shopping at Fairlane with Annecia before she heads back to CMU. Gina will be over the evening for our weekly walk and HGTV hangout.

P.S. How long it SHOULD take us to watch The Americans (or any other show)

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