Downstairs Decor

As previously noted, after two years at our townhouse we’re entering our next stage of decorating. I’m actually really glad we waited because I feel more confident about my style. Since we are renting, I’m conscientious about our purchases. I try not to spend too much money and with the exception of paint, we can take everything with us.

Aside from our beautiful blue hallway, my favorite change has been to the kitchen. With the help of IKEA, we created additional counter space and the increased functionality. It was a super simple project, we put two shelving units together and placed a piece of plywood across it (Home Depot cut it to size). We haven’t even glued it down yet because it stays put as is. I’m sure the Kurig helps, which is great because I probably would have gotten rid of it if we didn’t have all this new space. I’m normally leery of open storage; however, this is a great way to hide the microwave (another item that was on the chopping block), and provide ease of access to the food processor and our everyday casual dining set. Since these items are big or bland, it doesn’t look messy and that is what I wanted most.

The floating shelf adds some character and additional storage. Danny doesn’t provide much input in decor but he did want to hang some of his photographs. We picked out some of our favorite Detroit pictures and hung them in floating frames. The wicker basket is a laundry basket that was given to us and is now used for recycling and a purse shelf.

The dining room has seen gradual change over the years. We found a beautiful and solid dining table on Craig’s List. Later I bought fabric chairs to match. All dining rooms need a pendant or chandelier as far as I’m concerned, and this light was an absolute steal. It was exactly what I wanted and I love it.

I hated our blinds since the vents always made them rattle. The curtains add a pop of color and silence. Lindsey was a BIG help in this area because it never occurred to me to purchase four sets of curtains (in this case eight since I have white on the outside to help with light). Since our new pendant is dimmer than the old light, we desperately needed a lamp. Another exactly-what-I-wanted find from Target keeps us from living in a cave and offers a little display space and character. It’s also stable enough for our children’s play area. I never loved the wording on our wall collage and welcomed the excuse to replace it. I used gold spray paint on the black frames and literally flipped the matting to use the white side. A simple fix, for a nice change. Finally, Danny rearranged the furniture and it’s amazing how such a seemingly small change can make a place feel so different. It reminded me why I was obsessed with rearranging my bedroom furniture as a kid.

Shelving Units: IKEA $18.99, $24.99
Plywood: Home Depot 
Floating Shelf: IKEA $14.99

Picture Frames: Micheals $9.99, $14.99
Old English D Candle: Green Toe Gardens $7.50
Pewabic Tile: Pewabic Pottery $24

Dining Room
Dining Chairs: Target $169.99
Pendant: Target $39.99
Living Room
Curtains: IKEA $24.99
Curtain Rod: Target $19.49
Floor Lamp: Target $59.99

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