Happy Friday

This is my current mantra. I love the work and responsibilities I have at my new job but there are certain aspects that are very challenging. It’s been a struggle at times and this week, more so than others. Consequently, I’m regularly reminding myself to focus on the good. It’s also all about perspective and given the devastating stories we all read about in the news and others experience first hand, I can’t help but be grateful for my good fortune.
It’s another busy weekend. I’ll get to see my former co-workers too which is particularly needed. Tonight Mr. B is coming for a BBQ. Tomorrow I’m joining Granny for an all-day Black Catholic Women’s Conference. In the evening, Danny and I are going on a double-date with Chris and Emily at one of the new restaurants downtown. If the weather agrees I’d like to get up early to walk Kensington again with Cara, it was beautiful last week. Then I have an afternoon lunch planned with my Levinland ladies. In the evening, I’ll endure another episode of Once Upon A Time with Gina. Good times all around.
Photo Source: Pinterest

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