Lucas 10 Months


My baby has reached double digit months and I’m holding on to every second of babyhood, while simultaneously planning his first birthday – crazy I know!

Lucas is an adventurer. He loves to explore and try new things. We like to give him freedom but are constantly warning him away from electrical cords, the television, the fireplace and the one kitchen cabinet he’s not allowed to open. Why when he’s allowed to do 50 things, he only wants to do the four he can’t?

He has a sophisticated palate and will eat anything but his favorite food items are chicken nuggets and goldfish. He’s quite the eater but only weighs 20lbs.

While 20lbs is a good amount for his petite frame, it’s less than I expected given his ravenous appetite. However, he’s bound to burn off many calories crawling at lightening speed and buzzing across the basement with his walker.

Throughout December I sang Jingle Bell rock every time I changed him so he wouldn’t crawl away. I also sing Everything to him whenever he’s crying and he will stop.

Lucas is a smarty and knows to go down stairs, the couch and bed feet first.

He got a basketball hoop for Christmas from Grandma and instinctively has great form. I expect we will be playing a lot of basketball.

Lucas was a bit young for Christmas this year. He likes his new toys but didn’t understand why he was getting them. Danny was opposed to Santa visits at the mall but Lucas did meet Santa at daycare – it appears he had better days.

He adores his grandparents. They are his favorite people and the feeling is mutual. However, try as they might, he does not say ‘Grand’ anything. He does say ‘Yeah’ and uses it appropriately. He has also said cheese – well ‘chez’.

Lucas is a love and a mama’s boy. He hates to be alone and loves to be held. He is all smiles and the happiest little man. I hope he remains his happy-go-lucky self.


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