DSC_5021My goal for Saturdays is to blog. And whether it’s one post or a couple I save up – I enjoy writing and want to write for fun and not always for work.



Meal planning is a struggle and so is keeping our food budget in check. It’s constant work in progress and I want to keep better record of things that work and don’t. Here are two recipes that DEFINITELY work.

The Everything Seasoned Chicken recipe from Whole Kitchen Sink (I used drumsticks) tasted amazing and were super easy to make. It’s definitely going into a regular rotation.

I originally planned to make the Quick Cranberry Cream Cheese Breakfast Rolls for the new year but since I was under the weather it waited til Friday. I’m not sure I’d use the word quick for this BUT it was easy and oh so delicious. I didn’t make the crumble topping or drizzle to save calories and time which is a good thing because we ate them all up in a day (we did share!). I can’t be trusted to make them regularly but certainly will for special occasions.



It’s fun (and funny) to see how spaces transform over the years. In the short time we’ve been in our home the basement has been through quite the transformation and we’ve changed the way you’ve used portions of the space.

The basement was mostly unfinished when we bought the house although this half had the wood paneled walls. Danny painted the ceiling, built out a room (and the pallet wall), installed carpet and baseboard.

The most recent new additions include a ventless fireplace (I painted it white and Danny installed with his brother’s help), wallpaper from Target and a couple mirrors. I’m still working on the mantel decor (and need to Windex baby hands from all the mirrors), wall decor and couch pillows but I love what we’ve got going on so far so far.

DSC_5044  DSC_5048


We kept busy this weekend with trips to Detroit and Ann Arbor. All the locations were FREE which makes them extra fun 🙂

2020-01-04 (2)   2020-01-04 (3)

The Belle Isle Conservatory is a nice way to stay warm in the winter and both boys loved looking at the plants. Then we went next door to the Aquarium and it’s a space we hadn’t visited in awhile and it changed a lot! They have fish in all the tanks (which they didn’t a few years ago), including a Finding Nemo tank with clown fish and Dory living together. They also have a ‘Mr. Ray’.

2020-01-05 (1)   2020-01-05

We borrowed Gwen and took a trip to the Natural History Museum at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. It’s recently renovated and absolutely stunning. It’s also free which is awesome. I was really impressed by the collection and the number of hands-on workshop activities they have for kids. It really is designed to inspire interest in STEM education.

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