New Year, New Resolve

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I notice this trend of people shunning resolutions and the concept of making change in themselves and their lives and I have to say it drives me crazy! No one is perfect and we should all strive to be our best selves. Goals – even when we don’t achieve them – give life direction and added purpose. We don’t have to dislike our current selves or feel bad with life circumstances to want better, end rant.

I LOVE the new year, and a new decade even more! My life transformed in the 2010s. Danny and I went from newly dating to old married couple. We became parents and homeowners. I gained experience and life-long friendships at my first career job and then completely changed fields and gained more wonderful friends and then changed fields again! I learned about food – for real I didn’t know what garlic was at the start of the decade and now we’re total food snobs. I started running and learned I love it (spoiler alert I want to run a half marathon this year). I became a better writer and learned to consider myself a writer period.

I learned more about who I am as a person. Although, I always believe in changing and evolving, I feel more secure in who I am and my identity and I’m really excited for what the next decade holds.

I wholeheartedly believe in being kind above all else and I try to do everything I can to be helpful and considerate. It’s not easy but it’s an important priority because I want the world to be kinder and the only thing I can control is me and my actions. But all actions have consequences and often the people impacted most by my ‘crusade’ is my guys. They’re supportive troopers but I want them to feel that they are my top priority.

So I’m reigning things in a bit. I’m going to help when I can but I’m going to set better boundaries and not stress so much about how others respond to my actions. I know my intentions and I hope others do to but if they don’t, I’m just going to have to accept it.

My other big personal change is that I want to invest more in my appearance. I’ve oddly taken pride in being frugal with personal care and if I’m honest I find it pretty embarrassing. I watch our family videos and I see how my appearances change month to month, I feel more consistent in who I am on the inside, I want to look more consistent on the outside too. I don’t know what this means in practice but hopefully I’ll figure it out in the first half of the decade.

All my childhood dreams came true in the 10s – I became a wife and mother. It’s all I ever wanted and I don’t want to get so caught up in the daily grind that I miss these blessings.  It’s challenging to be a work at home mom and I worry so much about the work side of things that I often forget that I get to be a mom all the time and I say that in the best way possible! Lucas will be in school in 2 short years and I want to soak up every second of flexibility we have before routine and responsibilities take over. So while I want a decade of greatness with my guys, I definitely want to make sure this year is full of fun and happiness.

More goals for 2020

  • Learn to garden + spend more time outside
  • Run a half marathon
  • Monthly dates with Danny
  • Family vacation to AZ + NM


Goals for the 20s (Big Picture)

  • Pay off our house
  • Run for office
  • Visit Europe
  • Create something – what? TBD




One thought on “New Year, New Resolve

  1. What a lovely reminder to appreciate the growth we have experienced and enjoy our dreams-come-true, and to look ahead. The best is yet to come. (I have done the Women Run the D half marathon a couple of times. It is on Belle Isle, flat and a beautiful course. Plus it is in September so you have the whole summer to train. Good luck)


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