Happy Friday


Not the best picture but a great memory. Last night I went to confirmation rehearsal with Madison, it was an honor to be asked and a fun aunt experience. I love all 14 nieces/nephews the same; however, Madison and I do share common interests that are hard to ignore. Namely, we’re both fangirls and writers. Fangirls everywhere have a special bond because it’s not an easy club to be part of (especially, when Once Upon A Time is part of the equation). Madison is smart, sweet and fun to be around and I can’t wait to see where life takes her.

Tonight, I’m taking it easy. We had a busy week and with a full weekend agenda, I need a little R&R. Saturday is Madison’s confirmation/birthday celebration. From one family gathering to another, I’ll be going to Candace’s baby shower immediately afterwards. Sunday I’m meeting Cara for breakfast, then it’s a work day and ofcourse OUAT with Gina. I’ll also go see Mockingjay Part II with B at some point.

P.S. Fangirl favorites

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