Thanksgiving Tradition


This summer Danny told me that now that we’re ‘officially’ a family he wanted to start his own holiday tradition of going to the Lions game on Thanksgiving Day and staying at a hotel the night before. I was skeptical of this pre-season enthusiasm for the worst team in sports history; however, I told him to go for it. His plan was to go with me and Cory but I knew I’d find no pleasure and B would always have interest. So Danny invited B and my Mom offered to get a hotel for the two of them and for the two of us to go to the parade.

The 1 in 7 start didn’t inspire confidence and until this month Danny kept mentioning selling the tickets. Fortunately, the Lions have rallied a bit and our plans went off better than we even hoped.

Wednesday night Cory and Danny checked into the Greektown hotel and went to dinner. I picked up Mom and B and we did the same a little later in the evening. Mom and the fellas went to the casino and Mom won a little – ever gracious she treated us all to breakfast and tried to make the holiday a bit nicer for servers and the homeless around town.

Since we didn’t have explicit plans, Mom and I left for the parade around the time it was starting but decided to go to Bistro 555 for their buffet. It was actually really nice and we spent more time there than we expected. Consequently, we were a bit late to the parade and Woodward was crowded around Campus Martius. It was a fun, friendly environment and great weather (I wore a coat but really didn’t need it). We didn’t stay too long because I had to make a dish to bring to Mr. B’s but we had a good time while we were down there.

Danny, Cory and B had an equally good time at the game because the Lions went to poundtown for once.

Long story ‘short’ I’ve been won over by Danny’s plan and look forward to doing it again next year. I’m also humored because he wants to take Lucas to the game with them. I feel that’s an ambitious plan on his part and am not sure a 9 month old will be great football watching buddy but I’m glad he wants to do it.

Here are a few phone pics from the day



And a fancy one from the evening


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