Happy Friday


I enjoyed the holiday and look forward to the extended weekend. Tomorrow includes my 10 year High School reunion!!! It does feel like forever since I was last in school; however, a decade seems SO long ago! I was lucky and had a fun high school experience. My school, teachers and classmates were all great. No problems or drama. I wasn’t especially social but there was always someone to talk to. If I could do it again I’d be more involved and take more AP classes but c’est la vie. I wouldn’t change anything about life now and I look forward to seeing some familiar faces and showing off my cutie husband who surprised me by bucking his anti-social trend to be my date for the evening.

Today I will avoid stores as much as possible (although I do need one thing from Home Depot). Aunt Mikki is having a small get together and I’m going to stop by and visit. Mom, B and I will see Peanuts at the late show tonight. My day will be spent cleaning our trashed house and trying to deal with broken plumbing…. Tomorrow will be a day of relaxation before our evening out. I want to read and sleep while I can. I really need to go to the gym but I am not fooling anyone. Sunday Once is back and I think I have other plans I have forgotten… Seeing Necia at some point while she’s home would be nice too.

P.S. Who else listened to this song a million times in high school?

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