Jacoby's Detroit

Where do people in Detroit drink beer? Well for the last 110 years they’ve been going to Jacoby’s (pronounced JaKobe’s ala Kobe Bryant). The small saloon is located downtown and serves delicious German food.  Danny ordered Jager Schnitzel and on the bartender’s recommendation I ordered the German Sausage Dinner with knockwurst and bratwurst.  Both were great choices and Danny can’t wait go back.  Although it’s not pictured Danny did order beer – Spaten Optimator from Munich.

Jacoby's Detroit

As we were eating dinner I couldn’t help but think of all the events that occurred at this bar.  When Jacoby’s opened there wouldn’t have been a radio.  Probably not a phone, electricity or indoor plumbing!  People have inevitably gathered to talk about any number of wars, scandals, assassinations and other activities – including PROHIBITION!  For our part we talked to two very friendly guys about how to pronounce Jacoby’s and living/working in Detroit. Going to Jacoby’s reminded me of a time capsule and while many things change some things stay the same.

Jacoby's Detroit

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