Better Life Bags

My faith in the future of humanity and this planet rest heavily on the incredible entrepreneurs of my generation. Throughout the city and across the country I see young people not only identifying and filling needs of the community but providing for these needs in a just way that benefits more than their bottom line. … More Better Life Bags

Rehab Addict Take 2

Nicole Curtis announced the open house for the Grand Boulevard house this weekend on Facebook and I immediately called Mom to tell her I’d pick her up Sunday morning. Last fall we went on the pre-reno tour and I’ve been carefully watching to see when the final reveal would be. Mom was on study lockdown, but an … More Rehab Addict Take 2

King Lear

Danny is a pretty good sport when it comes to activities that interest me; however, when I learned Shakespeare in Detroit’s performance of King Lear was over three hours long I knew I was pushing it. To avoid a potential fight, I decided to dump him and take Lindsey on a date night. She loves … More King Lear