Happy Friday!

How gorgeous is this dress? Perfect for Easter Sunday – if runway fashion is your thing. One of my favorite childhood memories is getting a new dress for Easter; however, I honestly, don’t remember the last time I bought a dress for the occasion. I suppose it’s like Christmas and somethings are more fun as a kid or with kids. For that reason, I imagine I’ll be the mom who buys the family matching Easter outfits – my poor family.

Today is my first day off work since January. It’s wonderful and I plan to take care of every extra minute. I’ll be running many errands and going downtown for some blog adventure. I had several blog plans for today; however, it is raining here so we’ll see if they pan out…Tomorrow we’re going to Aunt Margaret’s for a Holy Saturday brunch. We hosted one last year and it’s a nice opportunity to see my family since we tend to spend holidays with Danny’s. Sunday we will be at Teri’s house celebrating Easter and Elain’s birthday. Per Elain’s request I will try my hand at layered Jell-O Saturday night. Saturday night we should also be seeing the Hakalas for the first time in a month. It’s craziness over here.

P.S. The best picture I have of my favorite Easter dress

Photo credit: Tumblr

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