Fast Four


Ugh, it’s happening again. – a blogging lull. I hate it because I have many post ideas but no time! I’m at the thick of it at work but I’m hoping that after this big project is completed (send positive vibes) that I can get into a routine that includes blogging and reading again. I have been finding time to run a mile a few days a week. It’s not major but it’s really important for my psyche. So a few fast things.

I don’t dress like I used to (#momlife) but I LOVE what Lauren Rossi does for fashion.

Speaking of fashion, if you like the Joanna Gaines/Ralph Lauren look for ladies and kids you have to check out Seams Like. Jolie is an Insta influencer (sans #ads) and serial entrepreneur. She finds great items at thrift shops and sells them at great prices. I bought a pair of pants that look brand new for $13 including shipping. The stuff she posts for kids is exactly what I love for Lucas.

The last thing I need is more dishes but these bowls at Target are SO pretty! I might by one and use it at breakfast.

It’s my Wordbird’s birthday Monday and he requested a chocolate cake. I have bad luck with cake but we’ll see how it goes! Happy birthday Danny ❤


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