We move in basically a week! I can hardly believe it.  Are we prepared in any way, shape or form? No.  Since Danny wanted to move I put him in charge of things.  And since we’re both low key, piling things in our cars and moving without boxes doesn’t seem ridiculous to us.  We’ll see how it goes…
We’re both excited about the move and the thought of having no apartment number.  The townhouses are very flexible and we can plant flowers or create a movable patio in the back (in the summer of course).  What we’ll do with the inside will likely take up many blog posts.
In the meantime, I saw this on BEAUtiful Mess today and I wonder if I should give it a try.  I am not a friendly neighbor.  I’m probably not friendly in general.  My Mom taught me not to talk to strangers and I hold to that.  My cold demeanor helps fend off creeps who hit on me but I imagine it also prevents me from meeting perfectly nice people as well.  It’s something I would like to change about myself but it’s not easy.
One step in the right direction could be introducing ourselves to our new neighbors.  We plan to stay at this place for a couple years at least and it might be nice to know who we live by.  Danny knows everyone on the block he grew up on and is friendly with our current neighbors – except the one guy he has an irrational hatred for – so it’s something more natural for him.  
It’s not at all natural to me but perhaps it’s worth a try.  A friendly neighbor gift could be a nice touch; however, I feel that I’d be just as likely to leave it on the porch and run as I would be to knock on the door, say hello and hand it to a person.  
So what do you say peeps?  Neighbor gift: yay or ney?

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