Fashion File: Taylor Swift

I have a new fashion crush: Taylor Swift.  It’s not really new new, it is at this point well established.  For the past couple years she has consistently impressed me with her red carpet selections, so much so that she is joining the ranks of Kate Middleton and Blair Waldorf as fashion icon – at least for me personally.  I’m leery to make such a pronouncement about a 23 year old but I’ll go out on the limb for T-Swizzle.  I mean look at this dress she wore Sunday to the Gold Globes – stunning.
My favorite is this look from the AMAs.  Perfection.
The other reason Taylor has stolen my fashionista heart is because she loves the vintage looks.  The classic, timeless, girly but still mature look that I strive for.  I give her extra credit for adding a personal touch to outfits that may have otherwise come from Audrey Hepburn’s closet.  
 Brava Taylor.  Keep up the good work!

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