We Moved

At least mostly.

I didn’t especially want to move (although our new place is spacious and nice).  The main reason I didn’t want to move is I HATE moving.  I despise it!

It’s such a process.  Changing addresses, switching services, packing, unpacking and re-painting our old apartment.

Friday we made a dozen car load journeys from the old place to the new place and we’re still not done.

Saturday the Shiremans helped us move out all the big objects and thankfully Brett and Rob were able to meet us at our new home to help unload.

Sunday we continued with unpacking.

Today we spent hours priming our old apartment and we still have a lot of work left there.  Plus, we still have things to move.

I’m totally burned out.  I haven’t even begun to tackle the kitchen which is bigger square footage but has less storage.  I’ve got little things here and there that need to be dealt with upstairs and a bathroom closet to organize.

I really need another day off to put a dent in our must-dos but that’s not going to happen.  Luckily, Danny has tomorrow off so if his back doesn’t give out he can hopefully make some progress with the painting.

The biggest problem with moving is really the cost: deposits, moving equipment, food for bribery, changing services, and again with the paint costs.  Not to mention the laundry list of needs/wants.

My sorry financial post will have to wait for another day.  In the meantime, I leave you with a picture of the home will be living at for the next five years because I am SO not moving any time soon!

the grey bucket is left over paint the complex used for this place – paint is haunting me

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