Living the Dream

Yesterday was MLK Day and I was able to live my own dream.

When I saw this picture online a couple months ago I turned pea green with envy.  How lucky was this lady to have a cute little girl that would sit on your lap while you worked (and how awesome to have a job where you could do this!?).  I certainly believed it was a dream until yesterday when I babysat Gwen and she spent 90 minutes looking like photo 759 while I worked on the computer.  She spent another 40 minutes entertaining herself with paper, books and a chair while I finished up.

Gwen is such a good baby she’s ruined me.  I’m of the mind that it’s more nature than nurture for temperament so I will relish in Gwen’s model behavior when I can and try to not be too hard on any children I have in the future.

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