Detroit Days: Picnic & Parks


I hate complaining about the weather but I will voice my disappointment that it’s still so cold and rainy around here. I desperately want sunny days to get out and walk so when the clouds parted leaving behind a bright blue sky on Friday I didn’t hesitate to get out the house (I even convinced B to join us).

Eating a Barrett (corned beef sandwich) from Mudgie’s is my St. Patrick’s Day tradition but since I was pregnant I didn’t want to risk eating deli meat this year. When Danny and I debated where we’d go to eat there was one clear choice in my mind. Not only did I want my sandwich but Mudgie’s is across the street from a cute play lot with picnic tables that we could all enjoy. Lucas had fun running around and making a new friend, Sam slept under a flowering tree in his stroller and Danny and I had the closest we’ve come to a dinner date in awhile.

If you haven’t bee to Mudgie’s it’s located in Corktown very close to the pedestrian bridge connecting it downtown. It’s a sit down restaurant with a nice patio for those ever elusive warm Detroit days and it’s a great take out place too. I seriously always order a Barrett but Danny is more adventurous and never has a complaint.


After we took Danny back to work, Lucas and I showed B the Riverfront (and another playground). We weren’t exactly prepared for the 3,000 runners doing a 5k but it worked out. At Milliken Park we found a new beehive climber Lucas enjoyed and at Cullen Plaza Lucas went down the slide about 25 times head first before it became a little too crowded for his shy sensibilities.

Since we weren’t making it to Holland for the Tulip festival this year, I wanted to get a nice picture of the four of us by tulips but only managed a cute one of me with Lucas. The Riverfront is one of Detroit’s best assets and I can’t wait to go back on a warm night when Danny can be with us for a long walk, ride on the carousel and picnic in the park. Next year when Sam is older, I want us rent a bike from Wheelhouse to ride around the city.


There’s a lot of new housing down here too and B talked about moving there one day. I hope she does because we’ll be frequent visitors.

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