Sam at 2 Month


Our little Sammysauraus is two months old! Time is going WAY too quickly. He’s my cute cuddlily baby doll and I can’t get enough.

He’s just the sweetest, easiest baby in the world. He is super chill and even sleeps for several hours at a time at night.

He’s still congested and that stresses me out but we have a wellness check soon.

Sam is attentive and takes in the world around him (when he’s awake).

He doesn’t physically engage with toys yet but he loves the star mobile above his pack-n-play crib. I use it to calm him down when he’s not even in the pack-n-play.

Consequently we also call him Star Lord and I’m thinking a solar system 1st birthday – also appropriate since he’s named Sam Anders from Battlestar Galactica, a show set in space.

I simply adore him and he still likes me.  He grabs my hair, shirt or necklace to keep hold of me. Since he likes food a lot more these days he gets pissed when I’m away too long. He’ll give me dirty looks, shake his fist before swatting at me – it’s hilarious.

Danny is working to get him into beatboxing already and does the best at getting him to smile by pinching his cheeks together.

He’s still a little overwhelmed by Lucas but his big brother ADORES him. He’s the first person Lucas wants to see in the morning. Lucas loves holding him and being a helper. If Lucas is upset and having a fit you can still ask him to do something for Sam and he’ll stop immediately to do it. He’s also the only reason Lucas wants to get in a picture.

Sam is also my work buddy and the best co-worker a girl could hope for.


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