Life is a madhouse these days. This picture is from Sam’s baptism (which I plan to blog about soon), I had a breakdown the night before when we got a call from Kroger saying the food was ready for pick up – we were 30 minutes away from home and needed 100 pieces of chicken for the next day. Danny resolved the issue and the Hakalas provided support day of the event. It takes a village and these days I desperately need mine. I’m feeling better mentally but physically I have some work to do (evidence above).

I love a lot of things about this picture and will always look at it fondly and remember Lucas’ passionate determination to be as tall as Uncle Brett. He talks about it endlessly and it’s bittersweet since his odds are not good… other things going on….

Hoping to get tickets to see Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin at the Fox Theatre this fall and enjoying the Pete Davidson SNL song skit in the meantime.

Eating WAY too much sugar (and coffee) but if you’re looking for a sweet summer treat this S’mores bar recipe was delicious.

Watching this video more than once because it’s hilarious and true! So is this.

Loving this nursing pump! I HATE pumping, it’s tedious and uncomfortable but I can get 4oz a day from this and use it while I’m feeding Sam. Since I’m with him all the time I only need enough milk for rare occasions and this is the perfect solution.

Wearing the same thing (ie yoga pants and maternity shirts) most days. I’ve got about 25lbs to lose and, as previously noted, the diet part of things isn’t going well so I’m in a limbo until the weather gets nicer around here and I can get out the house more. I rolled the dice and bought this dress on Amazon and I love it. I can nurse in it, it looks cute and it was affordable.

Advocating for a more family-friendly society. I loved this piece about workplaces that let parents bring their babies to the office, especially since it’s what I’m doing with Sam (albeit from home mostly). I’m also writing our federally elected officials here in Michigan to ask that the Dependent Care contribution amount be increased from $5,000 annually to $20,000-$25,000, an amount that more accurately reflects the cost of care not only for small children but also for things like summer camp. As it would be a tax break, I would like to think it could get bipartisan support. If you want to write your rep, here’s how you can find them.


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