Sam at 7 Month


Sam 7 Months-3422

My sweet Sam. I notice I always say two words when I talk to and about him. Sweet Sam, Sam Sam and Sammy Sam – I have  no idea why.

My Sammy Sam is a man on the move! He can crawl from one side of the room to another in a blink of an eye. When I’m holding him on the couch he often tries to escape to the floor so I’m teaching him to go down feet first and face forward and I honestly think he’s learning.

He’s generally quiet but I think he’s as smart as his brother. He yammers a lot and I still feel confident he says Mommy. He also sticks out his tongue when he’s thinking and I love it. He squeals like a velociraptor and Danny loves that.

Sam is teething and a trooper about it most the time but definitely in pain. He’ll wake up crying on occasion and puts EVERYTHING in his mouth EXCEPT a pacifier and he loves putting his hands in my mouth. I think he’s trying to see what this teeth business is all about.

Sam’s favorite thing is to be outdoors so I’m hoping the winter isn’t too cold and we can still go on walks. I try to take him on at least one every day. We got him a baby swing for the playset too.

Speaking of play he LOVES to play with Lucas and already chases after him. Lucas plays with him sometimes. They already fight over toys, Lucas wants what Sam is playing with generally. The music kicker, cube activity box, Cars cars, this ball race track and sensory balls are his favorites.

Sam is getting SO big on me. He’s wearing clothes Lucas wore when he was 1! I think he’s because he’s held so much and therefore sleeps/eats constantly.

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