A Day In Detroit: Jurassic World Preview

Jurassic World Preview (2)

Lucas is obsessed with dinosaurs. He has countless books and toys and can tell you the names of more than I can. We are constantly pretending to be dinosaurs and his favorite game in the world is the pup-pup-dinosaur egg hatch game where he curls up in a ball, I fawn over my egg until it hatches then I cuddle him like a baby and buy him a toy from Target…

Last year I took him to a traveling animatronic dinosaur exhibit and he enjoyed it. This year Jurassic World Live Tour is coming to Detroit and I was able to take him to a show preview. I’m not easily impressed but I’m impressed by this show! The dinosaurs are so life-like it’s unreal and I can’t imagine what’ll it be like to see dozens of them  at once.

Lucas can be a shy guy so he didn’t want to meet Baby Olive but Sam was up for it. In my attempt to be a fun mom I volunteered to walk like a dinosaur and didn’t do too bad. Nevertheless, when I asked Lucas what his favorite part was he said the T-Rex footprints leading from the parking structure to the event – kids! You work so hard on big things and they like chalk on the sidewalk best!

Regardless he had a good time and we left with a nice family photo! If you have a dino lover at home I would take them to see the show. It’s at Little Caesars Arena November 14th – 17th and you can enter to win tickets on LittleGuide!

Jurassic World Preview (4)



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