Sam at 8 Month




Sam is a man on the move! He’s crawling all over the place and when he’s not sleepy or hungry he wants to explore.

He’s obsessed with going to the bathroom although I think he does it because he knows it’ll especially get my attention and I’ll run after him (we also keep that door shut now). He knows who I am enough that he searches for me around the house too and will come when I call.

Sam wants to be able to sit up himself and heck stand but he can’t.

He’s eating some baby food these days and bananas are his favorite. He does not like sweet potatoes.

It’s been really cold so we don’t get outside as often and I know that’s making him sad so I’ve got to toughen up.

Aunt Alicia is helping out two days a week so he’s getting used to not always being around just me. Although I will say he is good about going to other people.

Sam really likes the baby Sesame Street bath book and Baby Penguin book. He loves songs and musical instruments. And the foam Y at Grandma’s house.

He has two bottom teeth and one top tooth.

Sam’s signature move is to lift his hat with one hand to see what’s going on – otherwise he’s content to have it cover his eyes for quiet and/or nap.

He’s just the sweetest, happiest little person. Everyone who meets him calls him sweet Sam. He’s the perfect baby doll and I can’t get enough of him.


Sam 8

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