Sam Is 1


Sam is one and what a world to live in…

My sweet darling Samuel Anders and I connected instantly, my cuddlebug and co-worker. I spend every day with him but that mom guilt creeps in that we haven’t had the quality of time that he deserves. At a few months he started to kick my hands away from the keyboard and now he’s taken to holding on to a phone.

I knew from week 1 he was mischievous and charming and I was right. He is my little bulldog stomping via crawl around the house and has babbled his grievances from early on. I’m surprised he doesn’t walk or stand up on his own yet because he’s both daring and persistent. He’ll climb on any and everything and if he struggles he doesn’t give up. He doesn’t talk yet but he’ll say a word when he really wants to. Mostly it’s ‘this’, ‘this’, ‘this’ – he knows what he wants.

He’s my little peanut but loves food – real food not baby stuff pizza, lasagna, kielbasa – he’s going to be  a chub if he keeps it up. He’s a chronic nurser and I have no idea how we’ll ever wean because he has no interest in a pacifier or bottle.

Sam’s favorite thing is to be outside. Nature is his happy place and I know that when he’s older I’m going to have to make sure he doesn’t sneak out. He also loves books – but only certain ones. I think he knows what story he’s in the mood for at a given moment. He has no interest in tv.

He loves to brush his teeth, he has no interest in toys or stuffed animals but obsessed with wheels – particularly EATING the wheels on the stroller (he puts EVERYTHING in his mouth), and he seems to really want to clean up our house lol

It’s lucky he’s cute because Sam cries A LOT. It can be exhausting but then he’ll smile or cuddle and what can you do? Changing his diaper is a WWE match – I feel bad for his teachers.

The brother rivalry is strong with this one. He wants everything Lucas has and all the attention. Sometimes they play nice and sometimes they fight. As Sam gets bigger it’ll be interesting to watch them play.

My favorite Sam habits are the way he lifts his hat to see what’s going on, his habit of sticking out his tongue and how he pulls me close every night is priceless.





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