January Round-Up

Life is a whirlwind. Everyone was like January lasts forever – I’m like I WISH! Life was slower than December but still busy.

  • 1000 Hours Outside: There is an amazing – Michigan started movement – for families to spend more time outside and I love it. I’m not good at it but striving to get the boys outside daily. We started the new year at a new park.
  • Belle Isle: Danny wanted warm weather so we stopped by the Belle Isle Conservatory for greenhouse heat. We also stopped next door to the aquarium.
  • Family Dinner: Marianne and Alec came over for dinner and it was great to visit with them!

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  • U of M Museum of Natural History: The Museum of Natural History in Ann Arbor got a HUGE makeover (and it’s FREE). We borrowed Gwenny and spent the afternoon downtown with the kids and I loved it all. Definitely a worthy trip.
  • Michigan Weather: We played outside on the playset one day and the next we built a snowman!
  • Service Day: MLK Day is a Day of Service so we packed up the car to bring necessities and sweets to those in need a services and coffee and cookies to those who serve (Detroit firefighters). It was a small gesture but everyone was so happy to see us it is a reminder to give more throughout the year and not just during the holiday season. Mr. B joined our Detroit adventure which was a pleasant treat.
  • Sesame Street Live: I LOVE Sesame Street and was personally excited for the show at The Fox. It wasn’t as good as last year but they sang the song that Lucas used to have me sing him multiple times a day (although he doesn’t remember it!). Sam would nurse throughout the talking parts and shoot up to dance whenever music started.


  • DSO Date Night: Danny and I had our monthly DSO date. It was very representative of our life these days – Taco Bell for dinner and cut short due to crabby Sammy but still perfect.
  • Nature Tots + Pizza Day: We went back to Belle Isle for Nature Tots and Lucas liked it. It’s another FREE activity we’ll go back for. Then we went downtown for pizza at Pop – Lucas loves it because he gets to play arcade games with Dad.
  • Dinoland: Lucas only goes to daycare 2 times a week now so more time for adventures. I found a new place called Dinoland and it was a lot of fun for the boys.


Misc. happenings: We had soccer as usual. Greenmead hosted a Frozen Tea that I initiated and it was successful, which was a rewarding experience. I hung out with Cara, Kat and Victoria this month too. Oh and we started a YouTube channel…

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