$5 DIY Art

The myth of social media is that most people have a perfectly curated home. I have felt so discouraged over the years seeing bloggers move to new (and bigger) homes and immediately share perfectly furnished photos. We’ve been in our house for 2 years and while we’ve made lots of progress – it is a … More $5 DIY Art

Month 5 Round II

Since I waited to announce, I didn’t publish last month’s bumpdate at the time but I did write it and take pictures. I know Baby #2 often gets the short end so I figure I’ll try starting off on an even level. We’re at the halfway mark and we know he’s a BOY (the cutest … More Month 5 Round II

Things I Love at 31

Another year in the books. Time definitely goes by more quickly as you age (Danny says it’s quantum physics). I find that I’m quieter and more introspective in my 30s and also less ambitious (perhaps it’s because I am chronically sleep deprived and currently adverse to caffeine). I feel that in your first decade of … More Things I Love at 31

Year 6

  When Danny and I first started dating I was at my lowest weight because I was too happy to eat. We saw each other every day for a year and texted good morning and good night without fail. These days we see each other every day but we almost never say good morning or … More Year 6

Fast Four

I’ve got a few shows I’m trying to watch this fall and a new addition is Single Parents. I love Leighton Meester from her Gossip Girl days (Chuck & Blair were a ‘table number’ at our wedding reception) and am thrilled that the show is genuinely great. The cast fits together perfectly and the show … More Fast Four

Month 4 Round II

It’s not that I’m not excited for a new baby but it’s more overwhelming than before. I have more to worry about (how Lucas will adjust, how I’ll manage, not dying in child birth) and less time to devote to being exciting. Plus being pregnant dominates all conversations when people know or at least know … More Month 4 Round II