Fast Four

Life is beyond busy but I don’t see that changing any time soon so I wanted to take a minute and blog. I write about Detroit every day and wanted to share a couple of my favorite things around town right now. I’m guessing these flip designers are going for a show on HGTV and … More Fast Four

Sam at 5 Month

  My Sammy Sam is just the sweetest and I don’t know how he is getting so big. Following in his brother’s footsteps of unique hairstyles he has a natural mohawk made up of about three curls and everything comments on it. His bottom two teeth are popping up and he’s miserable but a trooper. … More Sam at 5 Month


Life is crazy (and) wonderful these days. We have so much going on, I hate not having a blog record of it all but there’s no time to blog. I do want to remember that it’s all good stuff. I spend as much time with my guys as I can and that’s basically all the … More Currently

Sam at 4 Month

Sam is getting to be such a big boy – literally he fits in 6-12 month clothing and I don’t know how my peanut is growing so quickly. He is coming to his own and while I still see some hints of Lucas he’s really just Sam. Sam is a worried soul. His facial expression … More Sam at 4 Month

U.S. Grant

Ulysses Grant was a great man whose accomplishments far exceed most people who have ever lived but his struggles and life experiences match those of most who have ever lived. With the name U.S. Grant it would certainly seem that he was destined to save the Union. Few know that the General and President was … More U.S. Grant

Sam at 3 Month

  Sam is three months old and I can’t believe it! I don’t know where the time goes but I love every minute with him and prior to last night and for a couple hours this weekend it’s been every minute literally. He still reminds me of Lucas a lot but he is his own … More Sam at 3 Month