Happy Friday

I love Sean Hayes.  I watched Will & Grace for Jack & Karen.  This video is cute and makes me miss New York.   This weekend isn’t quite as busy as last.  I’m determined to completely clean our house; however, I’ve felt this way for weeks so we’ll see how it goes.  It’s another Eastern … More Happy Friday

Cougar Town

I’m officially declaring Cougar Town one of my favorite shows.  It’s something I’ve considered for a while.  I really liked the show on ABC and was sad to see it cancelled.  When it was picked up by TBS I made sure to find it and watch it.  I have three things on my DVR: General … More Cougar Town

My due diligece

I’ve resigned my post as Democratic cheerleader until my party can learn to sell it’s quality products.  My real-life peeps suck at it but my television peeps don’t let me down.