Cougar Town

I’m officially declaring Cougar Town one of my favorite shows.  It’s something I’ve considered for a while.  I really liked the show on ABC and was sad to see it cancelled.  When it was picked up by TBS I made sure to find it and watch it.  I have three things on my DVR: General Hospital, Cougar Town and Once Upon A Time (Once is not a favorite but Gina watches it so I like to keep up when I can) and it is the only thing make sure to watch.  Major Crimes will of course be added once it’s available.  Wild horses won’t drag me away from the television then but even I have to admit that 10 years from now I probably won’t be watching Major Crimes (unless Edward James Olmos joins the cast).  I expect that I’ll still watch Cougar Town.

Cougar Town is a new age That’s 70s Show and one of the only shows I can get Danny to watch with me. It is fun and quirky.  The ensemble is great and it’s exactly my kind of humor.  So if you haven’t started watching it, you should.

For those of you keeping track my Top Shows:

  1. Battlestar Galactica
  2. M*A*S*H
  3. West Wing
  4. General Hospital
  5. Roseanne
  6. Golden Girls
  7. That 70’s Show
  8. Sex and the City
  9. Dawson’s Creek
  10. Cougar Town
Honorable Mentions: Gossip Girl, Alias, One Tree Hill, and House (Lisa Edelstein years)

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