This past weekend I was able to relax and reconnect with some important people in my life. 
Cara came back from her Caribbean vacation Saturday night and we made plans to meet Sunday for brunch.  It was great.  After our deep conversation a couple weeks back things have been back to the peak for us.  I definitely made the right choice when selecting Serena as her caller ID picture because we are so S + B.  
The Smiths were our official weekend guests and came for dinner Sunday night.  I can hardly remember when I saw them last.  I guess it must have been Christmas or there about.  I try to call Granny every couple weeks, I talk to Auntie now and again (generally via Facebook) but I hardly ever talk to my cousins.  I was way over due for some quality time.  It was well worth the wait.  We had a fun dinner and reminisced about old times.  I was reminded how much I love my family but also that they’re pretty nuts.  
Up next is the Parzynskis

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