One for the Irish

To celebrate St. Patrick’s Day I tried my hand at corned beef.  I’d never eaten it before (let alone made one) and was really nervous because – true to form – I was trying out this new recipe for company. Julia, Jim and their boys came over for dinner (and Mom joined us too).  Although, I see most of the Parzynskis fairly regularly I hadn’t seen Julia in three years.  I never even met her youngest boy before today!  Julia and Jim were at the wedding but I did nothing more then say hello in passing.  By the time I came back around they had left.

Thankfully, the corned beef was delicious.  As was the mac and cheese.  Alton Brown never lets me down.  Giada’s veggies on the other hand were WAY too seasoned.  Fortunately, I had some cold cut carrots as a substitute.

It was a nice visit and great to catch up with Julia.  She’s doing really well.  She’s interested in going organic and I was excited to be share some of the things I’d learned these past few years (Door to Door Organics, Trader Joe’s, Meijer’s amazing organic brand).

Her boys are sweet but they have TONS of energy!  Not in a destructive or obnoxious way.  Just in the way that makes me believe Julia must have a hard time finding a minute to herself and really makes me fear having sons.  The fact that her boys are little blondes and could very well be a young Danny didn’t help. This visit definitely reaffirmed the fact that when we have children I want a girl.

Admittedly, I’m also thinking of this because it’s St. Patrick’s Day.  Ireland is on my mind. When I think Ireland, I think Katie Scarlett (from Gone with the Wind) and I want a Katharine Scarlett of my own (not right now but one day).  

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