Aeternus Eternus

I’ve been going to ever since the internet was invented.  At least it feels that way.  I’ve made a handful of contributions.  They’re mostly horrible.  Some are REALLY horrible and I’d remove them except the historian in me won’t let me.  So instead I take solace in the fact no one else is reading them since they’re buried beneath years of new submissions.

I have a ridiculous obsessive personality so when I’m in to something I’m all in.  I’m immersed and sometimes it leads to a decent story that I think legitimately reflects the original content.* That’s the thing about FF, sometimes you can buy it and it’s amazing and fun.  Other times you’re like what was this person thinking?

Since I’m in BSG mode I keep tabs on the site.  I check it now and then.  With my new phone I browse the internet in bed for a few minutes to wake up.  This morning I found what is probably the best fan fiction I’ve ever read.  I’m so impressed that I’m going to share it and risk people finding my own stuff.**

The author has writing talent that is beyond what I would even hope to have for myself.  It’s beautiful and heartfelt.  It’s powerful to any Roslin/Adama lover but so well written that I think anyone can appreciate it.  It’s short but sweet and for that reason I’d recommend strolling over to and checking it out.

Aeternus Eternus

*Sometimes it’s totally made up BS.  Again, my early work is really bad.  
**Please don’t waste your time.  I am given to exaggerations but this truly isn’t one of those times.  If I thought I wrote something worthwhile I’d share it.

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