Spring Break with MEP

It was spring break for the MEP girls this week and to keep up the momentum of the ACT prep they did this year Melanie created a Spring Break program.  I took a few half days this week to join as a chaperon for the college visits.  I had a great time and it made me nostalgic for my high school/college days.  For many reasons I didn’t go on college tours as a junior/senior so this was a new and fun experience for me.

Monday we went to Adrian College a private liberal arts college in a small town. Their student center looks like a country club [above] but the rest of the campus was more of what you’d expect.  The girls liked it; however, it got lower marks for  no pool and too many squirrels and birds.

Tuesday was a two-part trip to Dearborn.  The first visit was to Henry Ford Community College.  It was an informative visit but rushed.  Since it’s a community college the girls weren’t wowed by what they saw but they responded well to the MacKenzie Fine Arts Center.  I sent the Big Bang Theory picture to Mom because I knew she’d get a kick out of it.

Part two was my alma mater – the University of Michigan-Dearborn.  We were strapped for time and only visited a couple buildings but the girls really enjoyed it.    Student housing will be available in the fall and it was a big draw for the girls because they could live close to home but not at home.  UMD is a small campus like Adrian; however, it’s public and in an area they are familiar with (i.e. across the street from a mall) making it a comfortable choice for many.

Friday we headed to Ypsilanti and I was really impressed by the Eastern Michigan University campus.  I kept texting Melissa my thoughts during the tour.  The tour guide – Martin was fantastic.  He could work a crowd and was a hit with the girls. The campus was the biggest we went to and that resonated with the girls as well.  It also has a pool.
It was a great week!  I love the teen program so much and am so disappointed there are only a few weeks left before we’re done for the year!

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