September Round Up

September was a very busy month for visiting and not too great on other goals.

September Goals:

Run 4 days a week/ Gym 4 days a week/Yoga at least 3 days <—– Good on running not so good on the others
Read 3 books <—- finished two, stopped one, nearly finished another
Make a new meal every week
Go to Eastern Market
Try two new things a month
Keep up on MEP work
Stick to the budget  <—- could NOT be more excited about this!
Apply for at least 3 jobs a week <—- the job market is rough
Watch a foreign film <—- didn't really have time for this

Visiting log:

Spent quality time with Aunt Margaret at Urgent Care
Tennis with Melissa
Eastern Market with Danny
Coffee with Cara
Game night with Hakalas
Breakfast for Grandparents’ Day with Gram
Dinner with Granny
Dinner with Mom
Host Chris/Emily’s work shower
Breakfast with Cara
Victorian Festival with Aunt Mikki
Dad came over for dinner (3x)
Walk with Mom
Movie Night with Melissa
Angela Hospice Rememberance Walk for Mrs. B
Tigers Game with Cory and Linda
Winery date with Zittermans and Hakalas
Dinner with Kat
Chris and Emily’s Wedding
OUAT premiere party with Gina
Dinner with Dad, Joe, et al
Even managed a few phone calls with B!

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