I love being busy.  You only get to live once so I don’t want to waste a minute.  That said, I’m a little worn out.  I enjoy the things I do but I’ve been doing a lot lately.  Even my days off work are filled with running errands, cleaning and catching up with people.  I have a big visiting log for December but I want to cut back on the other things.  I’m leaving our finances and food in Danny’s hands.  No projects or shopping trips (Christmas gifts have already been purchased).  This month I’m going to relax.  Soak up the cable while we still have it and enjoy the end of the year.

Prospective visits and events:

  • Don & Jessica Visit
  • Cara comes for a house tour
  • Madison/Rob/Mr.B’s birthday
  • Cara’s birthday lunch at the tea house
  • SNL Night at Hakalas
  • Uncle Richard Visit
  • Work Christmas Party
  • Kristin and Paul’s Ugly Christmas Sweater Party
  • Gwen’s 1st Birthday
  • Gina’s baby shower
  • Cookie Exchange at work
  • Tamara’s dance recital
  • B comes HOME!
  • B
  • B
  • Budzinski Christmas Eve
  • Christmas with Aunt Margaret
  • B
  • B
  • Holiday Nights at Greenfield Village with the extended family
  • B
  • B

MEP, breakfast with Cara and game nights with Hakala as always.  Perhaps an OUAT finale special with Gina too!

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