Michigan Adventures Part II

A vacation in Michigan is pretty affordable.  The beautiful beaches, trails and parks were free.  Our hotel was less than $100 and included breakfast.  We spent our money on food and drinks and it was worth it.

Acadia Brewery Michigan

Danny is adamant that Michigan has the best craft beer in the country.  I don’t drink beer but he definitely has a nice checklist so I believe him.  A brewery stop was first up on itinerary – Arcadia Brewery in Battle Creek.  Danny ordered a flight that included their premium beer Deliverance. Apparently it is fantastic and narrowly misses being the best beer of all time (Kentucky Breakfast Stout from Founder’s Brewery in Grand Rapids if you’re curious).

Salt of the Earth Michigan
As previously mentioned a highlight of this trip was returning to Salt of the Earth.  The meal we had for our honeymoon trip was phenomenal and we couldn’t wait to go back.  Once again the food didn’t disappoint. For our entrees were ordered scallops and a surprisingly fantastic wood fire pizza.
Salt of the Earth Michigan
Salt of the Earth Michigan
Smokey – white sauce – garlic sausage – smoke onion – rosemary
Frankenmuth Michigan
A Michigan signature is Zehnder’s in Frankenmuth and their all you can eat chicken dinner.  I’ve had it a number of times in my life but it was Danny’s first experience.  The meal is good but not exactly vibrant.  Nevertheless, it is definitely a must-do for any Michigander. 

I saved the best for last – Mackinaw Island fudge.  It’s probably the most popular dessert in Michigan. If anyone goes “Up North” people will ask about fudge.  I’ll admit the fudge pictured above is Danny’s, my German (coconut, walnuts, pecan) fudge didn’t last 48 hours.  
Finally, I can’t neglect to mention my fangirl moments.  Last summer we Disneybound our East coast vacation.  This year Danny wanted to Marvelbound (really it was Avengerbounding).  

I also waited an hour to get a Kara Thrace frapp at Starbucks.

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