Pig & Whiskey

Pig and Whiskey Ferndale

Our dating adventure for the weekend took us out to Pig &Whiskey in Ferndale.  Ferndale borders Detroit and is where all the cool kids live who want affordable car insurance rates.  The summer festival showcases BBQ, whiskey (and beer) and live music.  It was our first year at the event and we had a really good time.  Danny ate some candied bacon from The W.A.B., we each got a taco from a newly discovered Detroit taco joint Alley Taco, and shared Pigs Gone Wild (creme brulee ice cream with bacon and raspberry sauce) from Treat Dreams.  I was the DD so Danny had a couple drinks.  He had the only available beer option from his favorite brewery that he hadn’t tried and a shot of Rittenhouse Rye which he loved.

Delicious food + great environment = perfect Saturday afternoon.

Detroit Metro Times

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