Guardians of the Galaxy

Gaurdians of the Galaxy

When I first saw the trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy I had no interest in seeing the film, a talking racoon and tree seemed like too much.  But then we saw Thor 2 and Captain America 2 and they were so fantastic that I started to give MARVEL the benefit of the doubt. The hype of Gaurdians won me over, I couldn’t find a person or article saying it was bad.

Danny and I decided to go to the last showing Saturday night and were not disappointed. The soundtrack alone is a winner.  The story is sweet and moves quickly.  I’m an Avenger girl so I can’t say it’s my favorite MARVEL film but Danny said it’s his favorite.  The only disappointment was the credits.  No fun actor credits and the the signature MARVEL after the credit bonus scene was horrible and not worth the wait.

A definite standout in the movie is Chris Pratt.  He’s getting tons of attention these days and it’s well deserved.  He plays a great unlikely hero and he’s a total sweetheart in the numerous interviews he’s done lately.  My personal favorite is him showing off his Eminem rap talents.  He goes fast but pronounces things so clearly I’m finally able to decipher the lyrics!

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