Happy Friday!

H&M Kate Middleton blue and white stripe shirt
I love Kate Middleton’s fashion.  She has a half foot on me so I can’t pull off most of her looks but there are a couple staple pieces I keep an eye out for. Last year I found a sweater similar to the one she wears and this year I finally found a striped shirt.  Blue and white stripes aren’t hard to come by but the ratios never fit my taste.  This shirt from H&M is perfect and has nice gold buttons accents.  Please note I’m only playing model because H&M didn’t provide one.
I’m looking forward to a very busy weekend.  Tomorrow we’re headed back to the eastside for the annual yard sale in Indian Village.  The neighborhood has always been special to me because it’s the first time I saw ornate historic homes in Detroit.  Granny took me through the neighborhood when I was younger and I use to beg her to buy a house there. Saturday evening we will reprise BSG game night with Brett and Lindsey.  Sunday I’m going on a home and garden tour with Chris and Emily in the University District.  I also desperately need to make it to the gym and will assume a little Game of Thrones will be watched as well (Danny finally found a show he can watch for more than one episode).

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