Funny Ladies….

tina fey amy poehler bossypants yes please BAMF

I completed my SNL book read and Kaling still comes out on top. 

Bossypants was a surprising disappointment since I like Tina Fey and everyone raves about her book.  Not only did I find two-thirds of it not funny, I didn’t even find it interesting.  I read in a stupefied state trying to figure out why it received such acclaim.  Thankfully, the final parts of the book covering the McCain-Palin campaign and parenting were interesting.  Nevertheless, I came away genuinely confused and would like to talk to someone who has read the book to figure out what I missed.

Amy Poehler plays it cool and doesn’t try to be likable in Yes Please – she succeeds but I respect it.  She’s probably nicer than she seems; however, if I was alone in a room with her I wouldn’t attempt conversation.  There’s no pretense in Yes Please. Peohler doesn’t sugarcoat things.  She does offers great advice.  It’s a memoir with a purpose that inspires in subtle ways. 

One thing that’s impossible to miss in all of these memoirs is that Fey, Poehler and Kaling are BAMF.  They don’t wait for life to happen.  They make it happen.  It’s a message you can never hear too often.

Photo credit: Gavin Bond/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Huffington Post

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