The Pistons


Yesterday, Danny and I went to a Piston’s game with Melissa and Phil. The guys lost but it was still fun to watch and our seats were fantastic – 3rd row in the lower corner. Danny and I have watched almost every game this season since the team traded Josh Smith. Prior to this season, we haven’t watched regularly in years.  The Pistons were a very big deal in the early 00s but took a huge step back. Now they’re on the rebound and it’s fun following the team (even if they are on a losing streak).

Part of the reason we haven’t followed the team is because we hate trekking out to Auburn Hills. Yes – the Detroit Pistons don’t play in Detroit. Their arena is 40 minutes north of the city and surrounded by nothing more exciting than an outlet mall. The long commute and generally painful traffic keeps us from attending many games but nearly everyone thinks the team will move downtown eventually and I can’t wait until they do.

Since we hadn’t been to a game in a couple years, I was surprised by how much entertainment was offered throughout the show. Every commercial break there is a performance of some sort. One such performance is the dancing usher. When Phil suggested I interview Shannon Sailes, I had no idea what he was talking about. Not prepared to put on my journalist hat, I passed on the opportunity. Turns out I missed a big get. The Piston’s dancing usher is really popular and has been on GMA, the Today Show and Jimmy Kimmel. You live, you learn, and offer highlights…

2 thoughts on “The Pistons

  1. I would absolutely love if the Pistons went downtown! I don't follow them in the slightest, but it would be so cool to have all four teams playing in the same area — although traffic could get a bit crazier when the seasons overlap!


  2. I end up going to 3 or 4 Tigers games every year, almost incidentally. If the Pistons were also downtown, I'd probably make at least a couple of games each season.


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