Happy Friday!

It’s 313 Day! The day Detroiters celebrate our (in)famous area code. I found this picture of Campus Martius from 1954 and it’s odd to imagine this Detroit. My favorite statue is surrounded by cement instead of grass (or sand as it will be shortly). The shiny glass buildings I identify with the landscape are missing – all that remains is the Kerns clock. Ironically, the streetcar is now found in “future” renderings of Detroit. I’m living in a strange vortex where the present is trying to catch up with the past. The towering Hudson’s building is iconic to anyone who grew up in Detroit 30+ years ago but I don’t remember ever seeing it. Currently the location is empty space; however, Dan Gilbert recently announced that he will be constructing a new building there. It will be chic, modern and something to behold.
Tonight, I’ll be in Midtown for a blog interview. It’s about a Detroit project I am not directly familiar with and I’m interested to see how it goes. Saturday, I plan to sleep in and spend the day on the eastside. There are a lot of fun events I’m excited to check out. I also want to visit my friend Teresa who lives in Indian Village. Sunday shall be a day of rest, reading and Once Upon A Time with Gina.

Photo Source: Walter P. Reuther Library 

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