Kameron Wilson

Meet Kameron Wilson – nationally ranked chess player.

When he was recognized this weekend at Good Shepherd for placing 15th in his most recent tournament, I was immediately impressed. How often do you hear of a kid playing a game that isn’t electronic? And chess is no Candy Land. I technically know how to play but I have no strategy after 16 years.
11 year old Kameron has only been playing for three years. His dad initially taught him to play and when a coach came to his school, Kameron joined the team. I asked him what attracts him to chess and his answer shows that he’s headed for great things: “It is very competitive, I like to be challenged and I like to win a lot.” 
I was blown-away by Kameron’s composure. On the spot conversations with a stranger isn’t easy for many adults, let a lone middle school students but he was a pro and totally at ease –  I suppose that’s why he’s able to win intense competitions.
Further evidence he’s a smart kid, when we talked sports I discovered that he’s too bright to be a fan of the winless Lions and prefers the six time Super Bowl Champions, Pittsburgh Steelers.

Bonus cool points: Kameron goes to school at the Science Center.

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